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Slip under my cloak of boringness.

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3 February 1971
Too old to care. Happily married to Cinna aka schmitt. Proud and amused owner of Luigi the Bouncy Cat, Merlin the Insane and Jenny the Poopy-Head. Still mourning the loss of Felix the Grouchy Penguin kitty. Left my web development days behind me and now work as part of the GenRe Service Desk for T-Systems, since 2003.

When I am not working, I spend most of my free time playing World of Warcraft, currently focusing on my characters in the LJ guild Daughters of the Horde (wow_doth) on Bronzebeard. I also enjoy watching good TV shows, my greatest weakness being The L Word. Many of my user pictures are screencaps from that show. Other TV shows I dig are Project Runway and Top Chef. Reality TV FTW!

I am dabbling in icon making. I will admit to not having an ounce of creativity to create beautiful things for others to use as resource, but I am grateful to those who create textures, patterns, fonts and brushes for others to use.

My resources include images and brushes provided by the following artists:
arisubox, brithla_icons, cdg, damnicons, ewanism, fading_coal, framedinblood, glimglamoury, sir, meleada, lemonrocket, promenadeicons, endlessdeep, ohfreckle, spectralicons, starlit_designs, neke, unmasked_icons, victoriaely, weapon_icons.

Credit for my WoW mood theme goes to slidewithme.

If you claim any of the user pictures I've made, please credit. I'd appreciate that greatly.

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